Robotic arm on MSC Seascape

The MSC Seascape continues to offer passengers an unforgettable cruise experience

Robotron on MSC Seascape
Robotic arm on cruise ship

impressive range of high-tech amenities, including the Robotron, the first robotic ride arm at sea. This thrilling attraction provides passengers with a unique and immersive ride experience that combines the excitement of a traditional roller coaster with the precision and movement of a robotic arm.

Manufactured by German robot system designing company Kuka

installed it on the top deck of the MSC Seascape.

It provides passengers with a range of ride experiences, from gentle and relaxing to fast and thrilling. Passengers sit in a specially designed coaster car that attaches to the robotic arm. The arm moves and rotates the car in sync with the coaster’s twists and turns, providing a unique and thrilling ride experience.

In addition to the Robotron, passengers can enjoy other high-tech entertainment options, such as virtual reality experiences, interactive gaming areas, and digital art installations. The MSC Seascape also boasts 13 different restaurants and eateries, each offering a unique dining experience. Additionally, there is a selection of bars and lounges throughout the ship, each with its own atmosphere and vibe.

Overall, the MSC Seascape provides passengers with a modern and immersive cruise experience, thanks to its cutting-edge technology and impressive range of amenities. The Robotron is a popular feature that sets this ship apart and is just one of the many exciting attractions that make this cruise unforgettable.

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