Bolette completed dry dock in Falmouth, UK

Bolette, the latest addition to the Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines fleet, recently underwent a dry dock at the A&P Falmouth shipyard in Cornwall, UK. The dry dock marked the first time the ship has undergone maintenance since its debut in 2020.

The A&P dock had to dig special pockets for the ship’s stabilizers

A&P Falmouth drydock

Bolette is a 924-passenger ship that was originally built in 2000 and underwent an extensive refurbishment in 2020 before joining the Fred. Olsen fleet. The ship’s dry dock at A& P Falmouth was part of its routine maintenance program to ensure that it remains in top condition for its upcoming cruises.

During the dry dock, Bolette underwent a variety of maintenance tasks, including repairs and maintenance to the propulsion Azipod system, stabilizers, and thrusters. The ship’s hull was also inspected and repainted, and its propellers were cleaned and polished.

Bolette Drydock Falmouth

In addition to routine maintenance tasks, Bolette underwent several upgrades during the dry dock.

The dry dock at A& P Falmouth was completed on schedule, and Bolette returned to service shortly after. The ship is scheduled to begin its next cruise in May 2023 and will be sailing to destinations in Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.

The A&P Falmouth shipyard is one of the largest shipyards in the UK

It specializes in the maintenance, repair, and refurbishment of large vessels such as cruise ships, ferries, and offshore supply vessels. The shipyard has a long history of working with cruise lines, including Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, and has completed dry docks for several of the company’s ships in the past.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is a UK-based cruise line that operates a fleet of four ships, including Bolette. The company is known for its traditional style of cruising, and its ships offer a more intimate and relaxed cruising experience than some of the larger cruise lines.

In conclusion, the dry dock of Bolette at A& P Falmouth was an essential part of the ship’s routine maintenance program. The ship underwent a variety of maintenance tasks and upgrades to ensure that it remains in top condition for its upcoming cruises. The successful completion of the dry dock is a testament to the expertise and skill of the shipyard workers at A& P Falmouth and the commitment of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines to providing a high-quality cruising experience for its passengers.

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